Crisis Prevention and Recovery

RCPR Objectives

The formulation of the RCPR interventions are influenced and informed by the development context in the region and the associated issues of crisis due to conflict and natural hazards; demands from countries and regional stakeholders; and lessons from its previous interventions. The CPRP project’s  key objectives are:

Developing capacities for risk management: The RCPR aims to develop capacities of regional, national and local practitioners by equipping them with a set of relevant tools, methodologies and skills for gender-responsive risk reduction efforts.

Making DRR central to development: The RCPR works with personnel from national and regional institutions in conducting disaster risk assessment and in integrating this analysis into national strategies, plans and budgets.

Sustaining recovery efforts: The RCPR works to enhance sustainable recovery efforts, which address the structural and causal factors that can perpetuate disasters and conflicts. All response efforts are based on principles of building ownership and local and national capacities for sustaining progress.