Revealed: The Himalayan Meltdown

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Revealed: The Himalayan Meltdown is a 45-minute documentary film co-produced by the UN Development Programme, Discovery Asia, and Arrowhead Films. The movie examines the human development impact of the glacial ice melt on communities in Bangladesh, Bhutan, China, India and Nepal.  It shows the plight of the affected countries and the ways they are adapting, adjusting and preparing for tomorrow’s inevitable changes in the Himalayan glaciers. 

It features innovative fog-catching in Nepal, man-made glaciers in India, views of life in the changing plateaus of China, and pioneering UNDP climate change adaptation projects in Bhutan and Bangladesh.  Technological advances from leading glaciologists, experts at the International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD) and UNDP offer insights into what is in progress and what still needs to be done for countries to address the Himalayan ice melt.

In April 2012, the film received the prestigious Platinum Award in the broadcast documentary category at the 45th Annual Worldfest International Film Festival, the oldest independent film festival in the world.  Read press release.

Click here to view footage about climate change adaptation in Bhutan.

Click here to to view footage about climate change adaptation in Bangladesh.

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